About Mathrusakhi Foundation

We as pioneers in Mothercare and dealing with motherhood on daily basis, understand that motherhood should be same for all mothers.

Mathrusakhi Foundation has been established with the main intention to reachout to those mothers who are unaware of joys of motherhood. This could be multifactorial from economic functionality to social backwardness or unawareness. Mathrusakhi Foundation has been collaborating with Government and Non Government Organizations with like minded ideas in spreading the joy of motherhood to those mothers in remote/ rural areas.

So far we have succesfully conducted more than 25 such awareness campaigns including workshops and sessions to these mothers.

We are extending our services to other Orphanges and Homes as an “Advisor” to bridge the Gap between The Staff and thechildren for their overall Development especially giving priority to their Emotional Wellness.

Through our foundations we aim at educating mothers and bringing awarenss among mothers regarding all and every aspect of Motherhood. Mathrusakhi Foundation is dedicated to all mothers and is always available to guide and enlighten mothers. This is our small favour/ Contribution to this wonderful society which has given us our abilities and has recognized us as pioneers in motherhood care, we shall always be thankful for what we have and strive hard to explore opportunities to what ever little or big we can do to bring a change in our society.

We are more keen on Onsite work rather than online at this stage where we want to put a face to the name, adding more personal touch.

But end of the day it is more about helping you with your emotional well-being as we truly believe Happy Mom = Happy family


For Healthcare
Emotional care
Menstrual Hygiene Management for over all well being of Mother’s
Mumz time with preteen daughters
1. Emotional care
2. MenstrualHygieneManagement
3. Social Etiquette

This September “World Suicide Prevention” Month, Mathrusakhi Foundation launches our HELPLINE. Our Clinical Psychologist will be available to you. Reach out to us.We are here to listen. Because you matter the most.#Helpline #Suicide #Prevention #Help #Support #teenagers #Students #Adults #MathrusakhiFoundation

A collaborative workshop of ICSL & Mathrusakhi Foundation

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