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Very Caring !

Uma Lavanya (Mom)

Perfectly potrayed the beauty of motherhood through her actions conveying a powerful message that life of a mom is all about failures, repentance, forgiveness, perseverance and above all an empowering journey'

Amazing Experience!

Kanthi (Mom)

Perfectly depicted that motherhood is about seeing children as individuals,loving them as equals and most importantly respecting them as little people.

They’re always ready to help

Deepthi Chinthagunta

Hasini Yadav is not only my wonderful sis in law but also great inspiration specially regarding motherhood. I ve been fortunate to witness the beauty of motherhood through her upbringing of her son's

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Feedback Promo – Mom’s and Grand mom’s
One of our feedback promo of Workshop conducted for Mom’s and Grand Mom’s.

Babies? Yes, they are cute, they smell nice and when they crack that toothless grin, they are the most adorable! But, motherhood isn’t all about the smiles and playtime of children, and moms alone know the trouble they have to go through. Although motherhood comes with so many joyful and incredible moments, raising kids is no child’s play.

Struggle to maintain the routine and keep up with the house work, endless sleepless nights and getting the child to eat (right) are all part of a new mom’s list of problems. Due to this stress, most moms are facing depression, and the number of suicides due to post-partum depression is on the rise.

Providing a platform

seeing the hardships of new mothers, Dr Hasini Yadav, a dentist by profession, started a wellness centre for the new moms in January 2017 to enable them to enjoy and experience the joy of motherhood without any worries.

This is a platform for new mothers — an opportunity to come out of house and meet other mothers who seem to sail in the same boat with their little ones, and find a lot of uncertainties around their baby’s growth and health.

Each session lasts up to 2 hours, weekly once. The session will include a topic of discussion, after babies are settled. This is followed by activities with babies including singing rhymes, play time, and at the end of each session, the child can take a memorabilia home. Not to mention snacks with home-baked goodies.

A reliable guide

Backed by a degree in business and hospital administration from both India and New Zealand, Dr Hasini decided to start guiding new moms after listening to the problems and hardships they go through.

“After returning from New Zealand, I have seen a lot of new mothers facing depression. Also, there was an increase in the number of suicides, not just among new moms but also second-timers. It was then that I decided to start a wellness centre with an intention to guide new mothers. I make sure to create awareness about depressive tendencies, and help parents to choose or decide what they want for their children and how they can give them the best,” says Hasini who delivered her second child by herself in a car, for which she was honoured in New Zealand.

For stress-free bonding

The founder of the wellness centre, New Mumz Hub/Mathrusakhi Foundation, located in Kondapur, says, “New mothers go through an exaggerated stress period, with the overwhelming joy of becoming mother for the first time. Yet, they have the fear of not doing the right thing for their baby. There will be constant pressure from family and friends, so to help them overcome that stress, I take special sessions for moms, partners and even for mom’s mother.”

Haisini’s goal is to help every mother have a stress-free motherhood. She tries to create a positive attitude among parents and strengthen the magical bonding of mother and child. “Being a mother, I understand what a mother faces, so I assure them a fun-filled and relaxing time, which helps them to de-stress from their worried self,” Hasini says.

Dr Hasini’s structures her sessions based on what a mom requires, and how she can help her. She also takes online sessions for those who cannot make it to the session, and is always available on phone for any discussion.